Your 2012 Chef Challengers

The battle lines have been drawn.  Our chefs are sharpening their skills.  They will be prepared to whisk away the competition this June at the 10th Annual Sacramento Chef Challenge.

INALLIANCE is proud to announce your 2012 Sacramento Chef Challengers:

Chef Kristela Nazario-Mendozar of Pyramid Brewery

Chef Keith Erickson of Colusa Casino Resort

Chef Philippe Caillot of the Institue of Technology




Here are the rules:

Chef Challengers, and a team of assistants, will have three hours to create an original three item menu based on a theme that includes three specialty ingredients.

Chef Challengers will need to create enough samples of each dish so that each of our guests and a secret judging panel can taste the entire menu.

Chef Challengers will also spend time answering guest questions, explaining culinary techniques and promoting their menus to the audience.

Both guests and the judging panel will vote for their favorite based on Taste & Quality, Originality, Connection to Theme, Overall Presentation, Personality & Theatrics.


We will be announcing the 2012 theme and specialty ingredients in the near future, so check back soon for more details, and make sure you get your tickets to our region’s premier food, beer and wine event before they are gone!

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